Sunday, June 24, 2018

Crowning / Swallows Nest - split 7" - IFB122

New Zealand's Swallows Nest bring one bulldozer of an emo track, lurching forward between bouts of chaos and pounding dirges, all with excellent dual vocals.  From Chicago comes Crowning, delivering 3 tracks of heavy harsh screamo, bringing together classic style screamo chaos with touches of post-black metal and vicious breakdowns - foul blasts that don't waste any time.  Co-release with IFB Records, Zegema Beach, Time as a Color, and Dingleberry.  They are $5

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Cassus - Separation Anxiety LP - IFB120

Cassus from the UK returns after their amazing debut 12" with their second full length.  10 beautiful yet chaotic screamo hardcore outbursts between punishing fast attacks and melodic playfulness - intense as always!  Comes in a nice die-cut cover with a massive full color art/lyrics booklet.  These are $13

Listen - Cassus

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Aureole of Ash / Jotnarr - Split 7" - IFB119

Aureole of Ash dishes out 4 tracks of nightmarish grinding fury.  Pure whirlwind grind death with absolute grit and spite on vocal duties, complete with perfect use of samples!  If you're sick of religion and nazis like the rest of us, this may ease your pain.  Members of Resurrectionists, Saligia, Arsen AKA Konig Der Monster.  Jotnarr plow through 2 tracks of filthy blackened squalor - massive black metal darkness with hints of raging crust and just that touch of melody here and there to add a dark emotional weight.  These are $5

Friday, May 25, 2018

Aureole of Ash - Morbid Reality 10" - IFB118

Aureole of Ash brings folks from Resurrectionists, Svffer, Saligia, etc. and distills all their previous anger into a hideous stew of grinding, death metalled out hardcore.  This is downtuned into limp-string territory and bludgeons away as if Acrid and every great late 90's Bremen-core band got together to ruin everyone's lives.  Sabine on vocal duties spits bile and anger all over these 12 tracks with important and topical lyrics as always.  Blistered grinding death fury for troubled times.  This is a co-release with the mighty React With Protest.  These are $10

Listen - Aureole of Ash

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Permanent Makeup - Scrape LP - IFB115

Amazing Florida band we've admired for quite some time. This new LP has bassist Christopher Nadeau, guitarist James Bess and drummer Susan Dickson-Nadeau careening their way through bouncy, angry tracks like album opener "Currency" and the demonically woozy crunch of “Desperate Adults.” Fans of Unwound, Shellac, Red Monkey or Polvo would find this on heavy listening rotation.  These are $10

Listen - Permanent Makeup

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Dakhma / Pilori - split 7" - IFB114

Michigan's Dakhma are back again with one epic track of black metal inspired punk filth - part pummeling anger, part dark haunting beauty.  Pilori hails from France and plays bleak, swirling heaviness in the vein of Hexis, but interspersed with pure classic hardcore beatings.  International DIY co-release.  These are $5

Listen - Dakhma/Pilori

Monday, May 21, 2018

Tropiezo - 3 Acordes en 45 Segundos: La Historia de Tropiezo 1997-2017 LP - IFB113

Tropiezo has been a mainstay of hardcore/punk in Puerto Rico for 20 years now. This LP collects tracks from their releases over the years, showcasing the ripping energy of these punk lifers. I had the privilege of having them play my house years ago and have been happy to be a part of some releases ever since. All money from this release has already been donated to hurricane relief, and all digital sales will be as well.  These are sold out from me.

Listen - Tropiezo

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Mrtex / Kelut - Split LP - IFB112

мятеж is an project that consists of Chris Story (ex-Makara, Jenny Piccolo, Yaphet Kotto, The Anasazi and Anal Knievel) on...everything instrumental and myself (ex-The World That Summer) on vocals. This split 12" is a mixture of songs recorded by Chris over the last three years that are assembled into a much more ambient and atmospheric mix when compared to the groups other releases.
KELUT is, for lack of a more succinct synopsis, the next step for the majority of members from Yusuke. Gone are the pretty, noodly and more Saetia sounding sections, as the band goes apeshit here with five tracks of mind-numbing and ear-splitting screamy, dark hardcore.
These are $10
Listen - Mrtex/Kelut

Monday, May 15, 2017

Landbridge / Autarch - Split LP - IFB111

Gigantic galloping crust split from FL's Landbridge and NC's Autarch.  Autarch takes their beastly epic crust bones and adds some black metal influence here, creating more texture and emotion.  Landbridge drops 4 absolutely massive crust tracks in the finest tradition of From Ashes Rise/Tragedy - punishing and overwhelming.  Both bands feature environmental/civilization collapse issues in their lyrics.  These are $12

Rash - Midnight Crooner 7" - IFB110

Chicago's Rash follow up their Skinner Box LP with this 3 song ripper.  Pure heavy blown up punk stomping with absolute writhing filth anger on vocals.  Bleak beatings.  These are $5

Listen - Rash

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Plural Being - Demo Cassette - IFB109

Noisy outsider punk from Fort Myers FL - members of Merkit and Panzram return to deliver 5 new tracks of disgusted punk. Each song has it's own personality ranging from almost blown up pounding, to a catchy pop-punk riff that ends in a miserable dirge, to a one riff dance-hall banger. Fresh and ugly from some small-town lifers.  These are $4

Listen - Plural Being

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Dakhma - Suna Kulto LP - IFB108

Dakhma's second full length takes their hideous black metal inspired punk sound to new heights, with 2 epic tracks. Overwhelming and punishing with torn throat filth vocals and good doses of atmosphere.  These are $10

Listen - Dakhma

Thursday, December 15, 2016

v/a - Eight Feet Under Vol. 1 - 2xLP compilation - IFB107

Insane screamo comp. - 8-band/4-country split 2x12" with gatefold cover! A truly stunning snapshot of 8 fantastic EPs, including 2-4 new/exclusive songs from (Sweden) Vi Som Alskade Varandra Sa Mycket and Via Fondo, (Canada) Nous Etions and The World That Summer, (USA) Sleeper Wave and Youth Novel, (Italy) Lamantide and Pastel.  2x12" black vinyl /500 in a gatefold cover with art by Italian graffiti artist Nero. Comes with a download code. 2-4 songs by each band for a total of 22 tracks.  These are $18

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Saligia - The New Innocence 10" - IFB106

Germany's Saligia features folks that have been pioneering the emoviolence sound from the beginning.  Members of Republic of Dreams, Lentic Waters, Resurrectionists, Apoplexy Twist Orchestra, and many others bring you a new dose of swirling intense emo-violent chaos with powerful screamed vocals, meaningful and important lyrics, and enough Chaos is Me era Orchid influence to please us punks that want our emo foul and furious and intent on smashing all oppression.  Fight back.  These are sold out.

Listen - Saligia

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Le Almeida - Todas as Brisas LP - IFB104

Brasil's master of lo-fi 90's indie/psych/grunge worship returns with yet another masterpiece of the genre.  For easy references, think Guided By Voices or early Pixies, but on this record Le adds more of a psychedelic element to these tracks - a bit more stoned if you will, but maintaining his signature ability to take a simple riff and turn it into something truly special.  There are riffs on this record that I could live the rest of my life with on a desert island.  Perfect raw pop for an ugly world.  Burn some candles and turn it up loud - it's the last thing we can count on.  These are $10

Listen - Le Almeida

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Bug - Humbug 7" - IFB103

The Bug - Humbug 7"
Hailing from Chicago, The Bug returns with a 6 track burst of wild, flailing and foul punk energy, constantly existing right on the edge of falling apart completely.  Take the wilder end of some of the Gravity Records sound, throw in some straight up 80's hardcore rip, and seal the deal with seething venom on vocals and you've got it.  These are $5

Listen - The Bug

Monday, November 14, 2016

Barque - Coffin Cutters LP - IFB102

Straight outta Lille, France, Barque delivers 5 tracks of searing dark hardcore.  They hit all the right buttons with the beat-down heaviness of Lich, a touch of mathy chaos in the Coalesce realm, and that vibe of dread and frustration that Lentic Waters does so well.  Sometimes pounding, sometimes swirling, sometimes blackened blasting - if you like your hardcore bringing the best of multiple genres and creating genuinely bleak moods, this should do it.  These are sold out.

Listen - Barque 

Weak Wrists - s/t LP - IFB101

Asheville NC's Weak Wrists bring together elements of emo-violent swirl in the finest Orchid tradition, soaring post-metal passages that would make Old Soul proud, the textured and dynamic drums of Funeral Diner, and a bedrock of grinding filth with torn-throat female vocals for the Cloud Rat enthusiast among us.  All these things weave and intermingle flawlessly and are executed with passion.  These are $10

Listen - Weak Wrists

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Closet Burner - Disappointment, Death, Dishonor LP - IFB100

Bloomington's Closet Burner return with a full length of queer-positive, society bullshit negative hardcore.  The sound is rooted in classic fast hardcore riffs, but not afraid to drop a dirge or a powerviolent blast in there.  Lyrics are angry, to the point, and no holds barred, representing a refreshing return to actual anger and resistance in hardcore.  Members share time in Rat Storm as well.  These are $10.

Old Soul - Blue Heron LP - IFB099

Michigan's Old Soul give us what is probably their last offering.  For long time followers of the band, it is a fitting capstone.  Old Soul pioneered and mastered this style of screamo/post-rock.  Their sound is just an overwhelming wave which can be beautiful cascading atmosphere to pure blasting intensity, all with a level of song-writing that is at the top of the genre.  After 6 records, what more can I say?  This is the type of record to blast in a dark room alone and just let it take you in.  These are sold out.

Listen - Old Soul

Antifaces - Solo Quedan Fantasmas 7" - IFB098

Latino punk outta Miami in the vein of Eskorbuto, Suicidas, or Tozcos.  It hits that sweet spot of a perfect mix of melody and grit, with a bass heavy mix that hits hard, especially when the stomp kicks in.  Duelling female/male vocals are all in Spanish and range from proper singing to pure punk filth.  Members hail from Merkit and Nunhex.  These are $5. 

Listen - Antifaces

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Child Meadow - It Hurts LP - IFB097

Child Meadow is a two piece powerhouse of French emo - powerful, passionate and raw. This was supposed to be the last split of 3 way split series with Remek & Paper plane crash. Since Paper plane crash is not anymore a band, we decided to release those tracks as an LP.  These are sold out.

Listen - Child Meadow

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Human Hands / The Blue Period - split LP - IFB096

This is some UK emo of the first order.  I'm talking 1995 Subjugation Records, Tree Records, Ida, Hated, September kinda emo.  Both bands have a different take on the sound but both absolutely nail it.  This is so refreshing - it brings me right back to being 17 and blasting Owltian Mia - I just keep flipping it over and over.  Seriously if any of the aforementioned bands/labels means anything to you, then you absolutely cannot go wrong here.  This is a split release with lots of labels - DIY cooperation forever.  They are sold out.

Human Hands
The Blue Period

Tempest - s/t LP - IFB095

Holy shit.  Vancouver's Tempest have seriously outdone themselves here.  This is the most blackened, tornado swirling aural violence I've heard.  Rooted in sounds like early Orchid and much of the swirling heaviness that React With Protest Records releases, Tempest just makes it overwhelmingly heavy with buried vocals that sound like hideous phantoms clawing out of caves.  There are hints of dark beauty buried deep in the tightly controlled chaos here that keep the record from strangling you completely.  Seriously just a total enveloping sound on the level of Old Soul that just keeps sending tingles down your spine.  These are $12 and are co-released with Loeil du Tigre and React With Protest.

Listen - Tempest

Subjects Rulers - s/t Cassette - IFB094

Subjects Rulers were a short lived project out of Nashville with folks from Cease Upon the Capitol and Dolcim. They recorded this full length then spread out across the country, leaving us this lovely little tape as a document of their existence. This is expertly executed screamo with just the right amount of chaos, massive, uplifting passages, dynamic drumming and powerful vocals. These guys have been doing this a long time and it shows.  These are $4.

Listen - Subjects Rulers

Null - Sleepwalking Days LP - IFB093

Null hails from Birmingham AL and features folks from Holiness Church of the Valley and Coliseum.  The album feels like an obscure ritual that would happen in a desert, or something you might hear far away as you explore a cave.  Slow, dark, and brooding with a great sense of space and atmosphere.  The vocals sound like something Floor and Party of Helicopters might have collaborated on if that makes any sense.  This is a very unique sounding record - there's some stoner influence, elements of indie, maybe a hazy Pink Floyd feel, loud and heavy yet calm and airy.  Very much worth a listen.  This is a split with Dingleberry Records in Germany.  They are $14.

Listen - Null

Monday, January 11, 2016

Dakhma - Raze LP - IFB092

Michigan once again belches forth another dose of venomous filth.  Dakhma plays super heavy and raw black metal inspired punk with swirling riffs, punishing drums with a snare hand that won't quit, and hideous female vocals to top it all off.  Occasional dark quiet passages allow you a moment here and there to breathe, but expect intensity in the vein of Cloud Rat gone black metal.  No pretension, no act, just pure punk filth.  These are screenprinted on inside out unused record covers to minimize resource use.  This is a split release with All We Know Records. They are sold out.

Listen - Dakhma

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sigh Down One - s/t LP - IFB091

Sigh Down One is from Montreal and play a shoegaze/punk hybrid as if My Bloody Valentine hooked up with Wymyn's Prysyn and old Nirvana and they were commissioned to write songs that could have been on the Crow soundtrack.  It's really really good - the gloom and haze of shoegaze with the blown up guitars and nervous energy of todays better outsider punk.  They are $12

Listen - Sigh Down One

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Mrtex/People's Temple Project - split 7" - IFB090

Mrtex has a veteran of Yaphet Kotto, Makara, Jenny Piccolo, and Anasazi and all these shine through.  They drop two tracks, one being a perfect combination of swirling emo-violence with the noisy harshness of Makara.  Their second track is a gorgeous post-rocky haunted emo-dirge.  People's Temple Project is a time warp straight back to 1996 Ebullition and Mountain Records comps.  Everything about those 90's emo bands that grabbed me at 17 and still has me at nearly 40 years old is here.  Screenprinted cover and hand-stamped center labels.  These are sold out

Tentacles - Ambivalence LP - IFB089

Chaotic and destructive, ‘Ambivalence’ features seven tracks between epic heaviness and devastating speed from this San Antonio band. Characterized by an extreme sort of screamo / hardcore with a metallic edge. The brutal vocals contrast with the beautiful guitar work, and make this LP stand out as a true masterpiece of the tumultuous screamo / emo-violence genre.  Fans of Honeywell and Shikari take note.   A strong DIY aesthetic, with hand-screened reused, reversed and re-glued LP covers.  $12

Listen - Tentacles

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Lentic Waters - The Path LP - IFB088

Lentic Waters from Munster, Germany has been flattening forests with their swirling wall of sound for a few years now.  This monster of an LP continues with huge and heavy screamo laced hardcore coupled with epic building instrumental passages bringing elements of post-metal and doom to the table.  Definitely a dark and emotional masterpiece, complete with a large lyrics booklet with some additional writings.  Split label release with IFB Records, React With Protest, Maniyax, Suspended Soul, Deadwood, and Zegema Beach.  They are sold out.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Bleed the Pigs / Thetan - split LP - IFB087

Bleed The Pigs and Thetan, two of Nashville's finest grindcore ensembles, are inheritors of a rich grind legacy that includes forefather firebrands like Extreme Noise Terror, Repulsion, and early Napalm Death down through Cloud Rat and Iron Lung, and their vicious strengths are on full aural display for this split release. Fifteen politically astute and fucking furious tracks race by in around twenty minutes? Sorry, they just don't have the luxury to fuck around.

Bleed The Pigs' side of the disc is full-on sprinting, grimy extremity. Vicious, blown-out instrumentation and manic, throat-shredding vocals alternate between racing to the cliff to jump and vicious thrashy breakdowns. More so than Thetan, BTP introduce elements of noise and structural meltodown while still reveling in filthy grooves. Time to mosh yet? Sorry, fuck you, it's over.

Bass/drums duo Thetan whip up an unholy racket that is this weird mix of precise and rashly ill-tempered. No song is over two minutes yet somehow they find the time to fit in these micro jams that are incredible. Vocals are delivered in an urgent, shredded scream. Two collaborative tracks are beyond visceral and seal the deal that this is state of the art powerviolence. These days, if you pay even the slightest attention to the world, anger is less a gift than a fucking obligation.

Packaging includes a re-used inside out screen printed jacket, with hand-stamped spine, screen-printed poster on hand-cut waste paper, screen-printed patch, lyrics insert, and killer centerlabel etchings.

These are sold out


Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Elsinores - New Forms - IFB086

Kentucky's Elsinores' debut album Dreams Of Youth was a dark, tense, explosive body of songcraft, showcasing a fully formed creative sensibility, that might be difficult to top - and yet one mere year later they've fulfilled all that early promise by neatly sidestepping the curse of the Difficult. Second. Album. with "New Forms." How did they do it? From the sound of things, listened to a lot of postpunk, drank a lot of coffee and did a lot of midnight wandering down deserted streets in grey raincoats. Cigarettes optional. Elsinores circa "New Forms" are bleak and cinematic in scope.
The lineup has solidified around the Oasis-brothers-but-not-shitty (Or the for real Ramones? Dunno, but their interplay on and off stage can be comedy gold) tandem of Joey and Jon Elsinore handling vocals, guitar, and bass and the permanent addition of West Virginian wildman J. Marinelli on drums and vocals. So you've got an unhinged new spin on the "power trio" lineup with everyone bashing away gleefully and physically at the same time AND three vocalists.
Like all old goths, I'm hearing everything from early Cure circa "17 Seconds," to Merchandise, to Echo and the Bunnymen (esp "The Cutter"), to Misfits, to Chameleons and Husker Du. And despite that disparate set of influences, and probably even more I couldn't detect lurking in the respective Elsinore and Marinelli vaults, this is a incredibly cohesive album-as-album. Brittle guitar lines, liquid silver basslines, the Danzig croon of Joey Elsinore, frenetic cavestomp drums, doo-wop-goes-punk style backing vocals, and then weird, dubby experimental breaks,and a wide-eyed appreciation of silence and space in the songs.
Everything fits neatly and fully. "New Forms" is nervy as fuck and accidentally anthemic in all the best ways, where you're not really trying to rally anyone because you kind of hate everyone, but it happens anyway when the tunes are THIS good.

These are $12, ask for wholesale/trade

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Republic of Dreams/Autarkeia - split 7" - IFB085

Another lovely little split derived from a great friendship from across the oceans.  Autarkeia is from Ft. Myers FL and drops one epic track of pained, heavy emo - giant riffs and chaotic intensity complete with furious female vocals.  Made of half Jiyuna and half Merkit personnel.  Republic of Dreams hails from Germany and Poland and play maniacal emo-violence of the first order - swirling chaos and pounding filth have never sounded so good.  4 tracks in about 4 minutes on their side and there is no time for breathing - pure mastery of the genre from the masters - ex Resurrectionists and Louise Cyphre.  These are screenprinted, and it's a split release with Zegema Beach, Suspended Soul, IFB, React with Protest, and Moment of Collapse.  They are $5 in an order or $7ppd alone.

Listen - Republic of Dreams  /  Autarkeia

Cloud Rat - Qliphoth LP - IFB084

Cloud Rat's 3rd full length and IFB's 8th release for the band, is another absolute masterpiece of venomous grinding hardcore fury.  This MI based trio has toured relentlessly and has never failed to keep their sound fresh and interesting, despite being super prolific.  This record adds the noise skills of Brandon Hill to great effect, just upping the ante.  Madison's vocals again spew hideous poisons unknown since ancient ages, and Adrian has managed to hit the drums harder in an absolutely punishing performance.  Rorik drops riff after riff, taking it from grinding intensity to chugging crunch.  Seriously, just get this.  These are $10 in an order or $13ppd alone.  Split release with Halo of Flies, 7 Degrees, Moment of Collapse, and React with Protest.

Le Almeida - Paraleloplasmos LP - IFB083

Le Almeida hails from Rio in Brasil and has been super active pumping out lo-fi indie/grunge/punk for years now.  If you have heard the Tape Rec - Death Friends LP, this is from the same minds and should be right up your alley.  This record is just absolutely perfect raw pop - if you want to feel like you're in a convertible on your way to the beach, this is the perfect soundtrack.  All art features Le's amazing collage work.  Truly if stuff like Guided By Voices, Built to Spill, Butterglory, Pixies, Sonic Youth, and 90's indie in general spark your interest, this is guaranteed to please.  Aysia says it might be her favorite album ever.  These are $12 in an order or $16ppd on their own.

Tracks are also up on youtube as well as a video or two

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Recreant - Still Burn LP - IFB082

Tampa FL's Recreant dish out their second LP of blackened hardcore.  They seamlessly blend the best of dark hc/crust with harsh screamo influences from the late 90's.  Add very well placed and textured violin work and passionate political lyrics/vocals and you kind of can't lose here.  These are sold out.


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Old Soul / Lentic Waters - split LP - IFB081

Old Soul is back from the icy pits of Michigan to deliver another epic dose of massive post rock infused hardcore.  This is their heaviest and most intense material to date and blasts away with massive power.  Germany's Lentic Waters continue with their ultra heavy atmospheric hardcore, combining a dark oppressive mood with bits of chaos and doomy breakdowns.  This is housed in a beautifully screenprinted fold-up sleeve.  These are sold out.


Keitzer - The Last Defence LP - IFB080

These German blastbeat lunatics are back with their 5th studio album - The Last Defence.  This LP has 14 hideous bulldozer tracks somewhere in the neighborhood of Misery Index, Marduk, Nasum, or early Deicide - the perfect mix of straight up death metal and grinding blast.  Gorgeous cover art by Florian Furtkamp.  These are sold out.


Sunday, August 31, 2014

Autarkeia/Me and Goliath - split LP - IFB079

US vs. UK in an epic emo collaberation here.  Autarkeia from Ft. Myers FL plays dark and moody emo with passionate female vocals coupled with powerful lyrics.  The material on this split is often darker and heavier than the first LP, using brooding, building riffs then blast beating it into oblivion.  Hailing from Kent,  UK, Me and Goliath play frantic driving emo with the perfect mix of raw energy and desperation.  Take the modern driving emo sound and stir in a good dose of Assfactor 4 and you're in the neighborhood.  These are packaged in a screenprinted fold up sleeve with a photo inserted into the cover.  This is a split release from IFB, React With Protest, and City 17 Records.  They are $11 in an order or $15ppd alone.

Whorls - Petrichor LP - IFB078

Hailing from Denmark, Whorls deliver a beast of a debut LP on a bunch of labels from around the world.  Founded in 2011, Whorls (with members of Putrifier) play a modern/post style of black metal and atmospheric darkened hardcore with hideous chaos and sludgy outbursts.  After a killer demo and 7" they attack again with an absolutely massive full length.  If you are into Celeste, Hexis, or Rorcal this is definitely for you.  Comes in a beautiful gatefold cover.  These are sold out.

Listen - Whorls

Tape Rec - Death Friends LP - IFB077

Tape Rec hails from Rio in Brasil and I got really lucky a while ago to get a random email list message from Le Almeida's label Transfusao Noise (Very worth checking out), and hearing Tape Rec was like a perfect trip back to raw 90's grunge/indie/punk.  This record really just has all the influences that a kid getting into music in the 90's would want - it's got the raw stripped down lo-fi sound that bands like The Breeders and Butterglory do, with occasional noised out mania of Sonic Youth or Pixies.  The vocals are pure sugary gold, and even come with the occasional Screeching Weasel style guitar lead.  Seriously, this is just the catchiest, most infectious stuff with a perfect raw production - no polish here at all - perfect grunge pop for this punk heart!!!  If you dig this one, definitely check out Le's other bands - all of which are in this genre and rule.  These are $10 in an order or $14ppd all alone.  Get in touch for wholesale or trades. 

Listen at their bandcamp - Tape Rec

Old Soul - Nature's Arms Encircle All LP - IFB076

This is Old Soul's first output, finally put to vinyl after circulating on tours in CD format.  Expect crushing screamo inspired post-metal with quiet gorgeous interludes, layered guitar work and the pounding drums from Adrian of Cloud Rat.  Michigan wins again and again.  This record will follow the packaging format of their first two releases with a screenprinted inner sleeve, booklet and outer sleeve.  These are sold out.

Listen - Old Soul

Old Soul/Nic - split LP - IFB075

Michigan's Old Soul return with 2 long tracks of their genius screamo/post metal mastery with bits of post-black metal thrown in the mix as well.  This has a gigantic, epic sound with intricate layers of guitar work backed by crushing drums.  Nic (they don't really have a name - Nic means nothing) hail from the Czech Republic and play some epic post-black metal in the realm of bands like Fell Voices or Ash Borer.  This is a great pairing as each band shares a good bit of influences but each takes it a different way.  These are sold out.

Listen -

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Marnost / Leechfeast - split 7" - IFB074

Czeck Republic's post black metal masters Marnost are back again, this time with a more experimental track that is rooted in their atmospheric black metal sound, but less structured and more focused on creating a mood.  This haunting track crafts a bleak and forlorn image and is very powerful.  Slovenia's Leechfeast drop a track of doomy sludgy punk that could trace roots to some Black Sabbath style guitar, but this is much darker and gloomier.  You might call it dungeon punk as it alternates between a slow Sabbathy riff coupled with creepy whispered, yet hoarse vocals and beatdowns of lethal sludge straight out of the mire.  This is an international cooperative release with 7 labels.  These are sold out.

Click to listen

Grinding Halt / Pine Barrens - split 7" - IFB073

Another awesome pairing of bands on this 7” slab. Pine Barrens from the UK made a huge impression with their Kingmaker lp last year and the two tracks on here are in that same vein. Technical metallish hardcore rage which is hard to classify but if you want names i’ll say bands like Rorschach and Botch will cover some of it. Listen and judge yourself but i’m incredibly proud to partcipate in a release by these gents. They are simply briljant. Grinding Halt come forth with one longer track which combines everything they do so well. Mixing all the good stuff from hardcore, punk, sludge and metal with some high pitched vocals on top. Topnotch hardcore vinyl with killer artwork from Marald to finish it off.  These are sold out.

Click to listen

Marnost / Oaken - split LP - IFB072

Marnost hail from Czech Republic and have been creating a unique style of atmospheric anarcho black metal for a while now.  This effort is one long track, recorded originally as a soundtrack for a short film.  Harsh layers of feedback give way to a gorgeous and foreboding build-up, finally lashing you with a wall of noise drenched black metal.  Truly an excellent listening experience.  Hungary's Oaken drop 2 long tracks of heavy and dark hardcore, influenced as much by His Hero is Gone style bludgeoning as more modern epic post-metal.  The mood goes from grinding/beating hardcore to more atmospheric parts complete with haunting singing.  This is co-released by many different labels from the US, Canada, and Europe - DIY cooperation forever!  They are sold out.

Click to hear

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cloud Rat / Orgullo Primitivo - split 7" - IFB071


This is the 7th release I've done with Cloud Rat, so really what more can I say?  They are definitely one of the best bands of our time in the grind/hardcore genre.  They've toured relentlessly and are genuine, honest punks that I'm proud to call my friends.  These 4 songs are among their most vicious, keeping true to their perfect blend of grinding fury and scathing heavy hardcore, all topped with Madison's signature lyrics and bile.  Orgullo Primitivo hails from Texas and Stephan drops one long track of powerful experimental grindcore.  It begins with hypnotic and intense spoken word and devolves into crisp and precise blasts of drum/vocal grind.  Both sides of the cover feature ambrotype photos by Ginger that only add to the sense of foreboding and disease that this record conveys.  These are sold out.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Resurrectionists/Gentle Art of Chokin' - split LP - IFB070

Neither of these bands needs much introduction as I've done releases for both in the past, but I'll be damned if they're not in top form here.  Resurrectionists are as swirly and chaotic as ever, bludgeoning you with hideous grind filth that manages to somehow maintain that special something that makes you raise both arms and bathe in the glory of all things punk.  Gentle Art of Chokin' managed to find a way to play even faster and devise new ways to melt human skin, slowing down only to stir the pot of your stinking melted innards.  This reminds you that you are a filthy mammal and punishment is what you deserve.  Meaningful powerful lyrics seal the deal.  This beast is housed in a terrifying gatefold cover, and oh yeah, the labels are switched but since we're punks and don't give a shit we're rolling with it rather than wasting more plastic.  This was co-released with React With Protest and Moment of Collapse.  These are sold out.