Thursday, May 1, 2014

Marnost / Leechfeast - split 7" - IFB074

Czeck Republic's post black metal masters Marnost are back again, this time with a more experimental track that is rooted in their atmospheric black metal sound, but less structured and more focused on creating a mood.  This haunting track crafts a bleak and forlorn image and is very powerful.  Slovenia's Leechfeast drop a track of doomy sludgy punk that could trace roots to some Black Sabbath style guitar, but this is much darker and gloomier.  You might call it dungeon punk as it alternates between a slow Sabbathy riff coupled with creepy whispered, yet hoarse vocals and beatdowns of lethal sludge straight out of the mire.  This is an international cooperative release with 7 labels.  These are sold out.

Click to listen

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