Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cervix - Life Fucker Tour Cassette - IFB037

This was a last minute idea for Cervix' northeast 2011 tour. In case word hasn't reached you, NYC's Cervix play noisy raw punk infused with lots of metal riffs and some of the wildest howled screeching reverbed out female vocals you've ever heard. This tape includes new tracks from their upcoming 7" releases, the West Coast Tour demo, and the original demo. There are multiple versions of some tracks with different recordings.  This was released right before the band broke up and is basically a discography.  The packaging is a nice screen printed J-card on leftover black linen paper, spraypainted stencil on the tape, and an insert with lyrics etc. These are sold out.

Download the horror here - Cervix


  1. This is missing the last track Holy War from the demo!

  2. Actually it is on there, but the 4-way songs are in one track and then every track after that is mislabeled. Might wanna split that track or label it as being both songs so you can fix up the rest of the tracklisting.