Friday, June 3, 2011

Jiyuna / Standing Tall - split 7" - IFB003

This was the first vinyl release from both of us and lots of people seem to like these songs, though they sound kind of dated to us. The Jiyuna stuff is available on the demo/split 7" CDr. Standing Tall was from Gainesville and were awesome evil sounding hardcore like Dragbody or something like that. They have since broken up but were great friends. We made 535 of these with 500 of them having handmade paperboard packaging and 35 with a photocopied cardstock package that was only distributed for free on my trip to Europe. They are long sold out.

Download the Jiyuna tracks here - Jiyuna - split 7"

I don't have MP3's of the Standing Tall tracks - this was recorded on ADAT tapes and was never digitized.  Maybe someone has ripped it along the way, but not me.

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