Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lentic Waters - s/t LP - IFB035

A peaceful village is interrupted by the sight of an armored bulldozer in the distance. As the dozer nears, swarms of creatures emerge jabbing at the fleeing villagers with sharp skeletal appendages. The destruction is total, as one survivor emerges from hiding and surveys the damage. This is the scenario that plays out as I listen to this record - dark building epic heaviness gives way to swirling chaotic HC, only to hammer you again with a wall of crushing sound. These Germans, including mem. of Resurrectionists, have created a great album that seamlessly combines the epic and neurotic sounds that the region is known for. This is a split release with Apocaplexy and React With Protest. Europeans get in touch with those labels. Maik from Apocaplexy did an amazing job on the packaging, combining screenprinting, letter pressing, and pasted paper. These are sold out.

Download the massacre here - Lentic Waters

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