Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hexis - X 7" - IFB048

Hexis is from Denmark and plays some seriously heavy and oppressive hardcore/black metal hybrid. It's just an absolute wall of crushing guitar with almost constant double bass. It's not at a super fast pace though, so the double bass has this overpowering sense to it rather than just being a blur. The drummer also plays the floor tom as a snare most of the time, so the blasting feels even more low-end. The vocals are ugly throaty filth that bring to mind the UK's Vuur. This doesn't sound quite like anything else, but if you like the Bremen-sound German HC bands, or stuff like Acrid, this should be right up your alley. As heavy and ugly as they come. This is a split release with IFB Records, Panda Banda, Orchid Scent, Parade of Spectres, and Maximum Douglas. These are sold out

Download here - Hexis - X 7"

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