Friday, May 10, 2013

Holiness Church of the Valley - Not of the Flock 7" - IFB062

Alright y'all, so you know that 90's emo is where my heart lies, but I'm old and have most of those records by now and rely on the odd band to actually nail that sound to continue to justify my existence.  Well, count me in for a few more years cause this Alabama crew has dropped a true gem on us.  This has it all - the slight noisiness, vocals right on the verge of screaming and yelling that sound like they're coming from the next room, and the occasional nod to hardcore ala Assfactor 4, and just the right amount of chaos without getting noodly.  Honestly, if you were at all perked when I said 90's emo, this is for you.  Split release with House of Love and Spring Street records.  These are sold out.

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