Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Merkit / Roboteer - split 7" - IFB015

2 new Merkit songs here, one about how we can continue to expect violent reactions to violent foreign policy, and one about the numbing lifestyle of mainstream consumer America. Plus 2 Left for Dead covers (Skin Graft and Pulling Teeth). Roboteer hails from Talahassee and play veeeery heavy dark HC with gruff vocals and pummeling drums. It just rules and has the right combo of faster parts, thick groove, and just plain pummeling riffs. Excellent stuff. There are 600 pressed on black with screenprinted covers on waste paper. These are sold out, but were traded widely so try distros all over the world.

For Merkit MP3's, see IFB030 for the Merkit Discography.

Download Roboteer tracks here - Roboteer

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