Thursday, June 16, 2011

Her Breath on Glass / Sofy Major - split 7" - IFB016

I am very proud to have helped make this record happen. Her Breath on Glass is two guys who played in the Last 40 Seconds and Saddest Landscape and continue to display mastery of the 90's emo tradition. The calm instrumental breaks to noisy, pained guitar, wonderful drumming and passionate strained vocals. Sofy Major hails from France and continues France's legendary emo tradition. If Mihai Edrisch had a child with Envy and that child was noisy and unruly, that's what this sounds like. Thick pounding riffs give way to a noisy exit, all with the screamed vocals that the French have always excelled at. The packaging is a collaberation between all, with Thom (Sofy) and Andy (HBOG) contributing art which was screenprinted on handcut waste paper, then finished up with an amazing booklet that Andy put together. I think 100 of them were tied up with ribbon too. There were 700 pressed, all on black.  They are sold out. 

Download the record here - Her Breath on Glass / Sofy Major

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