Friday, June 17, 2011

Merkit - Summer '07 Tour CDR - IFB017

This has 5 new Merkit songs. 4 of them will appear on the Merkit/Hombrinus Dudes LP, and the other is an Indecision cover exclusive to this release. The Indecision song is off the Unorthodox LP which everyone should have. Classic. These are kind of rough mixes of the songs, and don't have the samples, so they will sound different than the final mix on the LP. There were 100 of these made and all were given away/sold on the tour. There was a poster with the same image on it and the tour dates that was kind of with this as well. The tour was amazing - thanks to everyone involved, especially Michigan fools, and Baton Rouge heads.

For MP3's, see IFB030 for the Merkit Discography.

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