Saturday, June 25, 2011

Positive Noise / Xtra Vomit - split 7" - IFB025

It's so great to be able to put out records by folks you've met through punk and were inspired by. One of the greatest things is to make those connections with like minded people all over the world and be able to create something together. All sappiness aside, this split is a pissed off piece of plastic from start to finish. Positive Noise blazes through with thick heavy HC and a never give up attitude. Xtra Vomit now has a live drummer and you are not ready for what happened. Pained lyrics struggling to find hope and meaning rage over grinding never-let-up HC. A heavier Ottawa might be a good starting point. This release is screenprinted on hand cut waste paper. Using less resources is important in punk. Let's scavenge then create. This record is sold out.

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