Friday, June 24, 2011

Resurrectionists - s/t LP - IFB024

Look out - the first full length from Germany's Resurrectionsts. This has the pulverizing power and overwhelming wall of noise that only German HC can produce. Take swirling wild guitars, drums that seem to be going way too fast and add 2 chained animals on vocals and that's the general sound. Heavy as hell, this disaster doesn't let you up for a second. Some members hail from Arsen aka Konig Der Monster, and that sound is still there, just made all the more vicious and crushing. This is packaged in a gorgeous gatefold cover with creepy art done by Stefan of Dance Macabre, and is a split release with Parade of Spectres and Moment of Collapse. This LP is sold out.

Download here - Resurrectionists LP

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